After doing ministry in my home, church, and all over the world, my worldview (by God’s grace alone) has become a credit. My conviction now is to be responsible for all that i know and have seen. The Goal is to fulfill mark 4:24 as it is speaking of what you hear, and using the measure in which you use. To be fair the text, the passage is speaking more of sharing the Gospel, as you have heard it, because you are made for that task. However there is an underlying truth hiding in the text that is displayed in a large portion of the Bible, “use everything you have got for the Gospel of the Christ, to fulfill the God’s revealed will.”(-seen in the parable of talents and much of Jesus’ ministry. (Through the assistance of the Holy spirit, being judged only on our faithfulness.)) In other words, I will live solely for God and His Gospel, using every resource i have. Including my worldview and passion. And it is apart my responsibility to encourage you to do the same.

Now let us then grow together. Let us live with the Gospel being apart of our breath. Let us take the life that is born from the Gospel, and be full to the point of overflowing. The result will be the maturing realization of the desperate need and magnanimously received  grace, that only comes from above.