How is the Gospel the answer to the issue of evil? How can God allow a little girl be raped and killed by age four? This question has haunted me. how can God do this and be all powerful, how is this the best way??? There are fifty good answers, but none of them satisfy. “this is the best way,” “this brings the most glory to God,” “it’s man’s failure,” and of all of these you can look at that poor girl who never got a chance, and still say, “why oh God, would you do this?” Even hearing that God loves you is dulled because you think about that girl.

Evil cannot be excused. Evil is SO horrific, and God uses it to bring him glory, how can that be? I’m going to ask you a question. Is God evident in evil? We say “how can God make this happen?” And you NEVER thought that we where made in his image, in such a way that we can create something. How can God Make evil? He can not. I believe we were made in such a way that we have the ability to create. But i believe, we as sinful people created one thing, that thing being evil. How could God let us do this? He made us like him!!! Like him means FREEDOM, like him means the ability to make, like him means complex. but the thing is, what we created and what we continually make is more evil and more rebellion. This deserves death. And we claimed death by our own choice.

We look back at that girl. We see death and hate it. We learned this hate from God, as he hates that same death. So God acts first to fix it. We made and broke, he made and we broke, and he hated the brokenness that we made and said,” I promise to fix your brokenness.” Fixing is much harder than braking. So he came down in flesh and worked until he was perfect for the impossible task of fixing. He fixed it and said,” it’s finished.”┬áHe breathed his last breath, declared his perfection after our imperfection. Since Jesus was never created, he could not be held by a created thing. The death that we have made. He Came back to life to show that we can do the same. By his wounds we are heal. He made life and we made death and he made life once again. He pleaded, come a take what i have paid for, and many still say, “I make Death.” That is why Evil is still present, because we still choose death over life. Jesus pleas to us to bring his life to that girl who only knew death. So you reader… take the life that was made for us, and bring it to others. This is the solution to the evil we created. Choose life so that we might all live.

Why did God let us make evil? Because he gave us a choice when he said we are in his image. But in the least, he has provided the solution for our problem, our failure. And for that, i say, “God is Good.”